I want pikachu following me! :D

I want pikachu following me! :D



sooooo cool.

sooooo cool.

I LIKE this. :)

I LIKE this. :)

love this. :)

love this. :)

evey time i think I’m on to something……….. I hit a wall.

evey time i think I’m on to something……….. I hit a wall.


i decided i post enough pics, so im making an effort to do that!



much work must be done but i like this.

much work must be done but i like this.

Social Media Changes Marketing Strategies

            Marketing today compared to just twenty years ago has changed in ways no one could have imagined. With the help, and the expansion of the Internet and social media, there has been an entirely new avenue for marketing and reaching customers that would have otherwise never heard of a particular product. In contrast to ads in a newspaper or magazines, Social Media has made it possible for reaching customers all over the world like never before. Even beyond television and out dated, commercials of the 50’s and 60’s, marketing on social media outlets can take a product and reach a market base of millions people in seconds. Even TV ads today are limited to their areas and countries that they are played in. Commercials that are played in Europe are not played in America and that limits the market base that they could reach if the whole world was their market place, rather than just a limited area. According to Android Apps Marketing, there are 400 million users on Facebook, as of the publishing date in September 2010(107). Now, according to Facebook’s statistics page, there are 800 Million users that actively use and access the website. This is the market that social media can provide to a business; this is why the platform has changed; this is how social media has changed the way marketing is done. Putting a business in social media outlets, such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, will exponentially increase the market that can be reached and will help build a successful business that will reach a target market and beyond.

            Using social media to market a business, brand, band, service, or other form of product is the only way businesses will thrive in today’s fast-pace, world. This is how businesses stay connected to their customers and how companies can perfect their product while learning what their customers want out of their product. An example of a company taking advantage of this fact is Starbucks, “Starbucks has attracted more than 19 million fans on Facebook and more than 1 million followers on Twitter to date [(Becker el al., 2009)] (Lee, Xiong and Hu).

       Social media is like a neighborhood where someone can walk out of their house and talk to their neighbor about a particular service and discuss what they like or dislike about it. Sharing through this discussion between two neighbors a sense of community is developed because a relationship is developed. People talk to their neighbors because they know them, they can trust them and can tell them how they feel. This is what companies are counting on in social marketing; this idea of community is the key to the success of social media marketing.  According to YouTube and Video Marketing, “The social media sees ‘community’ as a communication network of interconnected individuals who are linked by patterned flows of information (243).” In other words, just like in the scenario of social media being a neighborhood, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube users are all a part of the social media “community” that is based on word of mouth.

            In marketing “word of mouth” is an ancient phrase. In the social media world, it is called “sharing,” such as one would on YouTube or Twitter. Users share what they like or dislike, much like one would when talking to their neighbor about a particular product with the added bonus of everyone in their network being able to see it. Compared to two people conversing about a product or brand, sharing allows the conversion that would have would have happened with just one person happen with hundreds of people. This is like free advertisement coming from people that can be trusted: friends, family, co-workers, classmates, etc. Customers will trust their friends, family, and people they know over a company almost all the time.

       With word of mouth being a part of the social media world there can be some problems that can come along with it. If problems ensue with a company or product, such as Dominos Pizza having its food’s cleanliness defaced and destroyed. When customers are able to put a brand or a name out there and talk about it, they can either help or hurt it. On April 13, 2009, Domino’s Pizza had some very unruly employees post a video on YouTube displaying them contaminating the food with bodily fluids and rubbing their hands in it while spitting in it. The video received 1.3million “hits,” or in other words, views and had more than 8,000 comments that became viral (Jarboe and Reider 248). Not long after the incident the president of the company David Brandon gave a response through a YouTube video apologizing for the employees and their disgusting behavior. He vowed to make sure that these employees would face serious charges for food contamination and the store that this occurred in would be completely sanitized. The company was later criticized for not being more involved in the social media realm along with their hiring of these employees in the first place. The following day Domino’s Pizza made a corporate Twitter account and said that they would reevaluate how the hiring process takes place. The point being that marketing in social media can be dangerous, when customers carry the brand. It is in their hands now and they can either lift it up or bring it down.

            Another common aspect of marketing is using celebrities to promote a product. Much like the Air Jordan shoes that are produced relatively cheap in foreign countries, they are being sold for a hundreds of dollars more. This is only possible because of the star that promotes them. An example of this can be seen in a Pepsi soda commercial, which depicts Brittany Spears paid to promote Pepsi in very sexual “poppy” song commercials. This is an age old idea, all based on the thought that if Brittany Spears likes to drink Pepsi, it’s good enough for the customer. According to the article “Social Media by the Numbers,” “companies have commissioned celebrities to promote their product or company through their “tweets”, “Paying a celebrity thousands of dollars to promote your company in 140 characters or fewer may seem crazy, but a growing number of businesses are setting aside marketing dollars to do just that. Best Buy recently tapped reality star Kim Kardashian to tweet about its cell phones… (Issie Lapowsky). With the strategy of using stars or celebrities to promote a product it can give customers a sense of a good feeling about the product, which intern, brings about positive association with the product, this is the success that makes a product successful in social media.

         If customers have fond memories of the product, they will come back throughout their life. This is what all companies want, repeat business. In a scene from the documentary, Super Size Me, Law Professor of George Washington University, John F. Banzhaf III discusses with  Morgan Spurlock how an unnamed cigarette company had a “secret” study done, entitled, Brand Imprinting for Later Actuation in Life. Banzhaf says, “They (companies) would buy the little toy cigarettes [and give them to little kids] and they would start play smoking with them around four or five years old, and wouldn’t even notice the pack. If asked, they wouldn’t know.” The theory, he says, is that the image of the brand is buried in their head when they are of smoking age they will shop for the pack that they recognize don’t even realize they know. Banzhaf then continues, and he compares this to what McDonalds has done with creating the “playhouse” or the toys they give away along with happy meals, creating the friendly, warm environment that they have. The same friendly warm environment has been created on the company’s official, corporate US page stating, “We’re here to listen and learn from all of our fans and followers.”  This is the goal of every company; this is why companies spend millions and millions of dollars on marketing. Through commercials, articles, newspapers, web sites, and now, social media, companies use are using many different ways to market to their future customers. Social media marketing has changed the way we view companies and their products. Now when many people get on Facebook they are being marketed to, and they don’t even really know.

       When people go on to social media websites they are there because they want to be there; they are there to communicate with friends and family and talk about their day. Customers let their guard down after a long day at work or school, and companies are presented as just another page similar to their own that their friends “like,” like a favorite band or a TV show or even a company. And now companies, such as Honda, Google, State Farm, and even an older brand like Old Spice are using social media like YouTube for their commercials so that customers can like them and pass them along to their friends giving more and more of an opportunity to the company to be seen and heard, more free advertisement.  As stated in The New York Times, “The success of the ‘Smell like a man, man’ campaign for Old Spice was fueled by its acceptance in social media, Mr. Pritchard said, listing examples like the 140 million times that video clips for Old Spice—official ones created by the company and parodies created by consumers—had been viewed on YouTube (Elliott).” An important note is the 140 million views, the viewing audience is mostly made up of a younger audience that had quite possibly not been too familiar with Old Spice before, but because of YouTube has made its product relevant among a newer crowd. Spend a little money to make much more, to let the customers do the work for you and not even realize it.

       Social media has changed how even small businesses do things, and they have made it possible for a person to hear about a product or service all the way from the other side of the country and even in some cases all over the earth. Or like Old Spice, re-validate their brand. The things that are possible now, the way companies can reach customers is so different even from ten years ago. So much has changed. The language has changed and if the language can be changed then the conversation can be controlled. This is what is happening in our e-commerce world that we live in today. To take a small company and give it the opportunity to reach people all over the world was not even possible 15 years ago, without having corporation money, and now it is all a click away. All that one needs to do is “Google” something and the information is there at the tip of their fingers.

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My math class! I’m so dedicated!!!

My math class! I’m so dedicated!!!

That’s what that is all about.

Is Everyone Prejudiced?

            Whether it’s what society would call typical prejudice with the white man having the advantage over everyone else, “minorities”, or the prejudice that is not as popular in the public realm. We do struggle with prejudice and we are aware of its existence. The prejudice that is not really discussed commonly is where the minority reverses the prejudice on to the majority, not eliminating the issue only reversing it. An example of this would be when a rapper by the name of Kanye West said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” This is clearly a black man making a claim that a white man doesn’t care about black people which, in turn, only fuels the fire of a white man not caring about black people. While in Kanye’s raps he says “the drug dealer buy Jordans, the crack head buy crack and the white man get paid off for all that”, (All Falls Down) along with many other examples of anti-white and racial slurs he himself demonstrates prejudice towards “the white man”.

 Although I may not agree with what Kayne says, he has every right to think, say, and feel whatever he wants. That is the beauty of America. But if he has a problem with prejudices and whatever the “white man” may or may not have done to him let’s try to keep both sides even, don’t try and stop others from being prejudice when you yourself are. To be clear, I am not advocating prejudice in America or anywhere else, for that matter, all I’m simply saying we can’t deny that you are prejudice and go around pointing fingers. Make sure that you are not prejudice before you go “checking” others on their prejudices. “Is everyone prejudiced?” The answer is yes, everyone has some form of prejudice in them toward someone else.

            Everyone is aware of prejudice, if you have ever been through the American educational system then you will be familiar with the notion of prejudice, but as previously stated, rarely is reverse prejudice discussed. We have all heard about slavery in America and the awful terrible tragedies that we as a country have done in our history to many different minority groups. I know this because of my experience in the American educational system and I have been continually bombarded with this historical flaw over and over again. Constantly reminded, along with my fellow classmates that I, being half White and half Mexican, am a relative of the early, evil, white-man American that killed and enslaved everyone that was not white and educated. I am not claiming that this is what American schools are intentionally doing, spreading this message of being anti-white, but because of the repetition of this historical flaw it has slowly but surely developed in our society. This problem has contributed too many of the problems that I have experienced throughout my childhood. One possible solution could be to teach students, although the whites did wrong back in the day, that it is over and there is no reason to be hostile on either side of the color spectrum. Again, not say that the schools are pushing this idea of hostility, but they are not combating it. And this is not to excuse the existing racist issues but we all just need to realize that there was a mistake made in our history and it’s done and over with and we need to move and not it against a whole race, but rather take it case by case individually. 

 I was always confused growing up about prejudices because on one hand I thought that no one should ever make a racial slur or disrespectful comment to a minority, on the other hand was it ok for them to do that to the whites in America? After all, they did endure slavery and discrimination. Does this excuse reverse prejudice? No, just because it has been done once to a group of people doesn’t constitute it being done as payback to another. Education plays a big role in our society and it also decides what our country will think feel and believe and we must make sure that our educational system is not feeding into the problem but rather solving it. It is almost as if in America it is bad to be white because if you’re white you’re evil and if you’re white then, as Kayne West so eloquently put it, you hate black people.

When we have an opinion we should have the right to say how we feel and not be ridiculed and/or called names because of our opinion but prejudices in America has made that difficult because if one says something to the wrong person and people do not agree with that then one could be accused of being racist. For example, on many occasions, someone that disagrees with the president on any of his policies and speaks out about it can, and quite possibly will, be accused of being a racist. This can be a serious charge that can destroy careers and one’s public self-image and it may never be redeemed. It’s too easy to be a racist in today’s world. “Back in the day”, it took much more then what it does now to be called that and be accused of being a racist. It is as if the statement doesn’t really hold as much water as it did in the earlier years of our country.

 The problem that I have is that people should not be attacked in such a way about their beliefs on the president’s policies, especially when one is speaking about the president’s policies. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” This is all anyone is doing when discussing the president and the disagreements the may have with him, aside from the actual “racist wack-jobs” out there, judging by the content of his character.

I really believe that we have a problem that reaches far back into our history that has never been truly solved and has been carried with us to today. That is also connected to why we as Americans still have prejudices on both sides from the minorities to the majorities, we haven’t listened to another piece of advice from Martin Luther King Jr. and he said, “But there is something that I must say to my people, who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice: In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.” What MLK is getting at here is that while the minorities become freer (in that time period) that they shouldn’t take advantage of the progress that is coming and rub the history or the things that we have done as a country into the faces of those that have done wrong to the minority groups. Prejudice is strong on both sides of America, on the minority side and on the majority side and we need come to a solution. This country was founded by immigrants no one is a “pure breed” and that is what makes this country unique, it’s many different people all one nation, America. This is what we have lost sight of I’ve seen reverse prejudice rise and as it does we grow farther and farther from the unified, free land that Martin Luther King wanted and dreamed about. 

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